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Elk Grove Western Idol 2018

May 5-May 6

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  1. This contest is open to all levels. We encourage all who enter to have fun.
  2. This is a karaoke solo contest only. No Duets.
  3. You must be 14 years old or older to compete in this contest
  4. Applicants are ongoing and accepted, for a $10 entry fee, up to May 3rd
  5. Applicants entering on May 4th or May 5th (before 1pm) will pay a $20 entry fee.
  6. Expectance of applicants will be on a first come first serve basis. When the contestant count reaches 30 female and 30 male entries, everyone after will be placed on a first come first serve waitlist.
Competition Details and Rules
  1. May 4th is OPEN MIC KARAOKE and is an OPPORTUNITY-ONLY basis for contestants to come out and practice. This is a first come first serve basis and open to ALL who are NOT contestants for those who are contestants. If you don’t make it out, it is your responsibility to practice on your own time. If you make it to sing at this open mic, you are only guaranteed to sing one song IF time permits and you make it into the rotation.
  2. You must compete in the May 5th semi finals to have a chance to move forward to the final/grand finale round May 6th.
  3. In the event that an advancing contestant cannot make the final, his/her spot will default to a runner up contestant in the same semi final round.
  4. The contest starts around 3pm at The Western Idol Stage May 5 and May 6
  5. Contestants must be present by 2pm to draw for their order in the contest and to confirm songs (on both days). Singers who do not make it into the draw on time, can still enter the contest, but will be considered the “next singer up”. You will NOT be considered the last singer in the contest. You will literally, fall in to the slot right after the singer/contestant that is onstage. If you get there too late to draw, but before the contest starts, you will be the first singer. If you haven't entered by 1pm, May 5, you will not be able to enter this contest. IF WE ARE 5 SINGERS IN, EVEN IF YOU HAVE PAID, THERE WILL BE NO LATE ENTRIES.
  6. Contestants will be judged in 3 categories:
    VOCALS: the quality and individual characteristics of your voice as it applies to your song choice. 20 possible points.
    Stage Presence: The delivery of your song, your performance, your attire as applies to your song choice. 15 possible points.
    Audience Response: The audience’s reaction to performance 5 point bonus
  7. All contestants are encouraged to bring as many family members, friends and fans to the competition, as part of the judging is crowd reaction.
  8. Costuming/Attire is strongly recommended but not required.
  9. We suggest that you do not choose songs with big instrumental breaks. The contest is designed to judge vocal contestants not studio musicians. This could make the difference in close scores.
  10. Singers will pick 3 songs. All songs must be 4 minutes or less. Only Grand Finale songs can be up to and limited to 6 minutes. Anything over time will be faded with no penalties.
  11. Do not bring cds or iPods or any personal music players to use for your contest song. So, if you are a late entry, you must choose from songs that are provided from the available library of songs, with the understanding that there will be no practice time.
  12. You, personally, can not repeat a song during the duration of this contest. This means if you sing a song in round one, you must choose a different song for round two and for round three (for those who make it).
  13. Contestants may want to perform the same songs as another contestant. This IS a contest, so you may sing a song someone else is singing. Any contestants choosing the same song will both have the opportunity to change their song before May 5 if you choose to do so.
  14. Song choices, from singers entered on time, must be turned in by May 3, so that that they can be previewed.
  15. Props are allowed, but must be able to be set up in a matter of 30 seconds.
  16. NO LIVE INSTRUMENTS, though instruments may be used as props providing they can be set up and torn down in 30 seconds. ABSOLUTELY NO INSTRUMENTS that will require help. ABSOLUTELY NO LARGE INSTRUMENT PROPS (drums/piano).
  17. Singers may choose to remain onstage during their performance or may choose to stay on the cement slab in front of the stage. However, you must choose one or the other. This is to ensure no accidents occur. ONE OR THE OTHER. NO ON AND OFF STAGE performances. Singers must also remain in the area in front of the stage. you may not leave the stage or cement area and you must remain where the judges can see you at all times. Failure to do so may result in points being deducted in your score.
  18. Songs choices are provided by Western Idol official as an option for contestants without the proper karaoke cds. However, this does not mean we have all song song choices. You will have to choose from the library provided in such cases.
  19. Karaoke discs brought in by the singer must be ORIGINAL KARAOKE CDG CD. NO BURNT CDS WILL BE ACCEPTED. If you are providing an mp3, you must provide a receipt to prove it was a bought and paid for licensed track.
  20. NO MAIN VOCALS will be allowed. BACK UP vocals only so as not to dominate the singers. (harmonies are ok). Any dominating instrumentals or vocals could definitely affect your overall score.
  21. NO ORIGINAL ARTIST TRACKS will be accepted.
  22. If you are providing your own CD/Track, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure it is in working condition.
  23. If your cd/track does not play on the audio gear provided, you will have the opportunity to pick another song from the selections provided. Keep in mind that you will have ONE MINUTE to make a new selection. You may also have the opportunity to sing a cappella In either case, the same 4 minute limitation applies.
  24. Upon being introduced onstage, contestants my say hello to the audience and and introduce themselves personally. Any long speeches will result in points being deducted from the contestants scores.
  25. Upon completion of performance, the contestant will be given a brief moment to bow and take audience applause, then must immediately exit the stage and take along any props used. A delay leaving the stage may result in points being deducted from contestant’s score.
  26. Contestants will be scored by a panel of judges during the contest. All judges’ decisions are final. Any arguing with or harassing the judges, or Western Idol/ Western Festival Officials by a contestant, their family or associates, may result in the contestant being disqualified from future competitions and or/ejected from the grounds with no reimbursements of any kind. Harassment/communication includes texts, facebook messages, or phone calls.
  27. Contestants, their family or associates are not to communicate with the judges before or during the contest at the park.
  28. This is a family friendly show. Please be cautious of your choice of songs. Certain songs and your behavior, can result in immediate disqualification or judges may score you down, depending on the severity of the issue. This may include profanity or rude content of a song.
  29. Feel free to ask Western Idol Official any questions to clarify what you do not understand. Regardless, of how YOU may read this, there is an intended meaning to each of these details/rules.
  30. It is the contestant’s responsibility to make it to the Western Idol Stage on time. Saturday, May 5, 2pm (for check -in and singer “singing order” draw) Sunday, May 6, 2pm (check in). On this day, the singers song order will be backward from the prior day draw/order.
  31. Contestants are only required to stay for the duration of THEIR contest. You do not have to attend the contest you are not entered into. Check-in is same time for ALL, regardless of which contest you are in: 2pm.
  32. Western Idol takes place at The Elk Grove Regional Park. Enter at the first gate.
  33. There will be eight cash prizes:
    TWO Honorable Mentions (JUDGES CHOICE): $100 each
    TWO 3rd Place Awards (M/F): $200 each
    TWO 2nd Place Awards (M/F): $300 each
    TWO 1st Place Awards (M/F): One Trophy Each
    ONE Grand Finale RUNNER UP: $400
    One Grand Finale WINNER: $600
    In the case of any ties, it will be judges’ call on how to handle further sing offs.

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